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Ramadan Legacy, founded in 2014, is an award-winning education company. Our mission is to use design thinking and technology, to create learning experiences that empower people to learn, love and live Ramadan. Through our interactive app, physical planner, and workshops, we’ve enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of Muslims around the world.

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Rose of Faith Edition

Aside from their beautiful fragrance and captivating appearance, roses hold great importance in the life and history of Islam. The Rose of Faith design is inspired by the six articles of faith in Islam.

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Minimalist Clay Edition

Inspired by the humble beginnings of mankind: “And He originated the creation of humankind from clay” [32:7] Ramadan is a time where we take a step back and begin to strip away all of the embellishments of life to focus on what is essential: our purpose.

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Paradise Green Edition

Inspired by the design on the gates of Masjid al-Haram. Allah says to us:“And enter My Paradise” [89:30]. The eight key holes represent the eight gates of Jannah one of which is called Ar-Rayyan reserved for those believers who fast.

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Fajr Sunrise Edition

When the night is at the brink of shedding it’s darkness, we open our eyes to welcome the sound of the caller. Inspired by the blessed hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, “Oh Allah, bless my nation in their early mornings." [Ibn Majah]

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