We are changing our name to Towards Faith 🎉

Check out our rebranding video!


We are now called Towards Faith. The same mission 🚀 but a different name. Towards Faith is an educational lifestyle company that builds meaningful and practical self-improvement tools to help you journey towards your faith in all aspects of your day to day life.

What happens to Ramadan Legacy and the 99 Names Journal? They will both become learning experience products under Towards Faith In sha' Allah 😊

Where We Came From

The Journey Beyond Ramadan Legacy

Ramadan Legacy, founded in 2014, was an award-winning education company. Our mission was to use design thinking and technology, to create learning experiences that empower people to learn, love and live Ramadan. Through our interactive app, planner and journals, and workshops, we’ve enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of Muslims around the world. We rebranded to Towards Faith to expand our vision and help Muslims with their faith not just in Ramadan but all year round :)

Journey to Towards Faith