App Support

Status 1st January 2020: No Issues In-App 

Question: My planner screen shows the wrong Ramadan start date how do I fix this?

Answer: The top left hand corner of the screen is the menu button. Click that and go to My Profile. In My Profile set the Ramadan start date to the estimated start date of Ramadan for 2018. Your planner will then be updated and work accordingly.


Question: The tickboxes on my daily planner are not working, how do I fix this?

Answer: This is an issue due the high amount of users in the app. If the tickboxes are not working at all, please delete and re-download the app and this will fix the issue. If your tickboxes aren’t functioning correctly i.e. you tick a prayer but then it automatically becomes unticked, simply switch between the days in the planner section and it will update or alternatively log out and log back in again.


Question: My planner screen is still showing 2017 how do I update it?

Answer: First of all, make sure your app has been updated to the latest 2018 version through updating your app on your iOS or Android store. The safest way to update the app is to uninstall the current one and install the new version through the stores.

Once you know your app is fully updated, login to the app and go to the settings section and then my profile. Once in my profile, set the Ramadan start date to the predicted date in 2018 which is May 15th 2018. Then go back to the planner screen.


Question: I have forgotten my username to log in to the app. What do I do?

Answer: You can retrieve your username and password through the app on the sign up screen. Click on ‘forgot username’ and you will be directed to filling out your email address that you used when you signed up the app. You should then receive an email giving you your username. If you don’t receive the email please ensure you have put in the correct email address and check your junk or spam folder. If you still don’t receive the email with your username then please contact us on the email below.


Question: I have forgotten my password to log in to the app. What do I do?

Answer: If you have forgotten your password there is an option in the app to retrieve your password through clicking the ‘forgot password’ link on the app sign up screen. If you have forgotten your username also please see the ‘I have forgotten my username’ question and answer.


Question: I have forgotten my username and password and can not access the app at all. What do I do?

Answer: Firstly follow the ‘I have forgotten my username’ question at the top of this web page and then follow the ‘I have forgotten my password’ question above.


Question: Can I delete my account and make a new one?

Answer: You can make a new account through simply signing up through the app again with a new email address and password. Any previous accounts which are not active will remain deactivated and unused. We delete them automatically after one year if they have been unused.


Question: I have an Android phone but the app does not seem to work on my Android software version. What do I do?

Answer: The app supports iOS 7+ and higher and android 4.1 and higher. The app will not support any mobile devices which are below those specifications i.e. older than iOS 7+ and android 4.1.


Question: When I access the app it gives me  ‘are you connected to the internet’ message even when I am connected to the internet. What do I do?

Answer: Firstly, please ensure that you are connected to the internet. Secondly, close the app and try to re-open it.


Question: How do you change the Ramadan start day on the phone so the day that appears in the planner section is the correct day of Ramadan?

Answer: On the top left corner, click on the setting icon. Go to ‘My Profile’ and select the correct day of Ramadan. Make sure that you have saved the changes, by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and pressing ‘Change Details’.