Our Story

About Us

We believe that Ramadan is a journey towards Allah. It inspires and transforms us to become the best of who we are. That’s why we’ve made it our purpose to uphold the pillar, and create innovative learning products where you can meaningfully experience Ramadan. Since 2014, our team have come together to form Ramadan Legacy: an organisation that places your religious and spiritual aspirations at the heart of everything we do. Using design-thinking and innovative technology we have created a world class award-winning mobile app, and physical learning products that have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world - and we’re just getting started.


Our Story

Ramadan Legacy was born by a collective team of friends. We just happened to be entrepreneurs and creatives that were passionate about Islamic education. We had a vision and passion to create innovative products whereby people could not only learn about Islam but truly experience it, and integrate it within their daily lifestyle.

Since launching, Ramadan Legacy has won awards, trended and placed at #6 in the lifestyle category on the app stores, and delivered workshops and courses in the UK, UAE and Asia. We were also recognised as a trending digital company by Reuters and were featured by the largest media companies in the world. As of 2018, Ramadan Legacy has directly supported over 300,000 Muslims around the world to fulfil their Ramadan through a simple carefully designed mobile experience and a range of world-class educational products that people simply love to use.

Our Team

Shahbaz Mirza, Founder

Shahbaz Mirza is a digital transformation specialist, award-winning social entrepreneur, and international speaker. His global career spans management consulting and building and advising startups. With a passion for Islamic Education, Shahbaz founded Ramadan Legacy. He holds a diploma in Islamic Sciences from Cambridge Islamic College and iSyllabus. His work has been featured on Forbes, The Guardian and STV. 


Muhammad Malik, Co-founder

Muhammad Malik is an ex-deloitte qualified CA turned entrepreneur. Having left the corporate world a couple of years ago, Muhammad noticed a knowledge gap and wanted to learn the art of Startup. He mentors founders in Google for Startups accelerators around London. Muhammad also delivers workshops on Mindfulness and is a regular speaker at WeWork.


Fayeza Zulfeqar, Social Media Manager

Sister Fayeza is a Social Media superstar having worked at some big Islamic brands such as Productive Muslim, Muslim Mastery, Afiyah Counsel and Sabr. She's originally from India but spent time studying in Riyadh, KSA for her undergraduate degree. Sister Fayeza is currently doing her Bacc in Computing Science. She loves a great lunch, teaches Qur'an and used to take classes at Masjid an-Nabawi. 


Gorkem Demirr, Creative Projects



Gorkem Demirr lives in Istanbul and is a copywriter and translator for Turkish blogs and videos into English. She's a physics tutor and teacher at a private school in Istanbul. Gorkem has a huge passion for Islamic educational products and is a creative research superstar. She formerly volunteered at large Islamic Foundations in Turkey and has an awesome Pinterest account! 


Kais Al Kaissi, Creative Director

Kais is a brand and identity designer. Since acquiring his Masters degree in Branding and Identity design in 2010, he's worked his way up from intern to partner. He's designed for multinational corporations like The United Nations, Ford, and Olympus, to name a few. He enjoys designing in Arabic and English and has a real passion in blending the two to create brands that speak more than one language. Kais studied and worked in Beirut and London, and currently lives in Australia with his family. Connect with him here for design work.